ValueSpring’s enterpriseMind is cognitive computing for capacity management and predictive analytics to support break-fix.

The results? Companies can now predict and address failures before they become catastrophes. End user performance is rapid and uninterrupted.


“We’re standardizing and centralizing one of our mission-critical systems, but we can’t monitor or manage the deployed solution, let alone the transition itself!”


Current Infrastructure

  • Real-time monitoring of local and nonstandard core operations systems from hundreds of affiliated companies
  • Thousands of end users across over 100 countries
  • Platform and network monitoring software generating over 1TB status data every 90 days
  • Lack of unified program and project status

Target Infrastructure

  • Service-level agreement monitoring software with predictive break-fix analytics
  • Global integration transition project and current performance status always available

Traditional vs. Dynamic Capacity Management

globalchart1Transitioning from traditional platform IT management to dynamic IT as-a-service as
part of a global deployment represents a significant challenge, not only with consolidating the data from disparate systems but also insuring 100% up-time.

Mapping all infrastructure data into rationalized data models

enterpriseMind maps the data from multiple status monitoring systems as well as all of the transition project status data sources into their own respective common, rationalized data models. enterpriseMind’s Cognitive Analytics applies statistical predictive analytics to those models in order to find causal factors that can be used to predict upcoming outages and demand surges.


Expected vs. Actual Performance Measured


Performance of workstations vs. Service Level Agreements is then monitored and displayed in regional data centers with predictive time-to-failure data, enabling staff to resolve problems before they occur.