MDM Acceleration Made Easy


ValueSpring’s enterpriseMind is cognitive computing for Data Engineering. enterpriseMind’s Artificial Intelligence does data engineering faster and cheaper than any other technology – eliminating the manual data engineering effort in Master Data Management (MDM) data standardization, data cleansing, database integration, data fusion and data warehousing.

The result? All those complex enterprise MDM projects needing a year or more to show business value can now, using enterpriseMind’s ground-breaking automation, be executed in a fraction of the time and cost.


“We’re overwhelmed at the prospect of integrating customer data from multiple lines of business into a common, complete, 360° customer-centric
data model.”



  • Transactions from multiple lines of business and territories
  • Multiple divergent business models
  • Un-integrated portfolios and books of business
  • Lack of unified program and project status

What’s really needed

  • Enterprise data that’s clean, self-organizing, and dynamically integrated for up-to-the-minute executive decision-making
  • Standardized 360° view of the customer

Prerequisite for MDM projects

mdmchart1Rapid data rationalization across multiple systems is a prerequisite for Master Data Management (MDM) of customer data across multiple lines of business, often requiring months of manual work prior to establishing MDM routing rules.

Transforming Data into Operational Intelligence

enterpriseMind transforms enterprise data into meaning by interpreting information with domain models and then fusing it into the targeted 360° view. As enterpriseMind learns the meaning of the data, the data automatically self-organizes and can then be used to generate operational intelligence.


enterpriseMind creating Knowledge from data

enterpriseMind’s solution maps structured and unstructured data into Transformer Knowledge Libraries (TKLs), rationalizing data from multiple sources through an assessment of the semantic overlap between them.

Automatic and dynamic data integration and fusion

Automatic and dynamic data integration and fusion

enterpriseMind’s ability to learn divergent data models and automatically and dynamically fuse customer data eliminates much of the manual engineering – allowing data engineers to fine-tune their models rather than manually create them.

Better usage of data engineers’ expertise


enterpriseMind automates most data rationalization without sacrificing the ability to manage data models. MDM projects are now either on or ahead of schedule, enabling companies to more quickly devise and market better products to serve their customers.


enterpriseMind’s cognitive computing technology is being applied to global enterprises whose distributed IT infrastructure requires 100% uptime, where predictive analytics is being used to prevent logjams in the system before they occur, and to address failures before they become catastrophes. Click on Real-time Global Infrastructure Management for more information.

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