Data + Knowledge Results with
Value Spring Technology


Value Spring Technology (ValueSpring), Inc.,
a developer of leading-edge cognitive computing data analytics solutions, solves the complex Big
Data issues confronting large enterprises in a way that enables companies and individuals to make better business decisions, more quickly and easily, based on the meaning of the data itself.


Transforming Big Data into Valuable Insights

Despite advances in software that have addressed these issues arising from Big Data in a piece-meal fashion, the key problem is that computers currently don’t understand the meaning of the data resident in their systems. When we use computers to solve specific business problems, we’re buried with mountains of information that we’re forced to sift through and understand to get what we need, making our lives more difficult.

Determined to make our customers’ lives easier, ValueSpring’s enterpriseMind software understands the meaning of information, and gives people and companies only what they need – enabling Fortune 100 and government organizations to transition to a transformed data platform that accelerates actionable insights to improve business results.


Experienced Management

Created by a seasoned leadership team of serial entrepreneurs and corporate executives, ValueSpring provides professional services in data management, advanced analytics and business intelligence. Our teams possess a vast depth of knowledge of, and significant expertise and experience in implementing, best practices in Master Data Management, enterprise computing and specific industry solutions. We are well poised to address the inherent challenges and complexities associated with disparate systems and data sources to create a unified analytics environment.


enterpriseMind – Creating Knowledge from Data

ValueSpring’s enterpriseMind software models how people think, so it can be used to solve a wide variety of problems, from data engineering to cognitive underwriting, to transforming education.

The software combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, computational linguistics and cognitive processing to integrate all types of data into intelligent information. Just like people, as enterpriseMind receives new data, the software starts to connect the dots and understands what the information is all about. As enterpriseMind absorbs more information, from web sites to databases, it automatically organizes the data, becoming smarter and making it easier to analyze complex issues.

Building its knowledge libraries, the software ensures cross-enterprise data consistency, and, utilizing its automated processes, transforms that intelligent data into knowledge – stories it can talk about – which can then be queried using natural language. What’s even more powerful is that enterpriseMind never sleeps, always remembers what it’s learned, and is able to draw information from an infinite amount of sources to solve the most complex problems!